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The Beginning of July and All’s Well in the Garden


Although I am still struggling with tomato leaf curl on several of my plants, for the most part, the garden is doing well for the beginning of July.


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There are six different types of peppers planted in the garden: Anaheim, Jalapeno, Sweet Banana, Yellow Bell, Romanian Bell, and Pablano. Of these only the sweet banana and Romanian actually have peppers. The remaining are full of flowers and continuing to grow.

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This being my first year growing zucchini, I’m very happy with the results. I think that perhaps I should have given the plants more space as they are taking over the radishes, beets, and even sneaking into the peppers. Next year I’ll know better.

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The rest of the garden:


The beets are getting big and will probably be ready for harvest soon. I’m not too optomistic, as they seem to be small. I’m not sure the ground is soft enough for them to grow.



The cucumbers are finally big enough to climb the a-frame and there are tons of flowers already. Without many bees around though I’m not sure how many cucumbers we’ll get this year. I might be out there pollinating the flowers myself.

DSCF4992 DSCF4991 DSCF4990


The second planting of radishes are doing well and will probably be ready for picking in a week or two.



The peas continue to flourish and I’ve picked three times now and the flowers are still coming.


Overall everything seems to be on schedule so barring anything catastrophic, hopefully by late July we’ll be getting some pretty bountiful harvests, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.


9 thoughts on “The Beginning of July and All’s Well in the Garden

  1. looking really good. You are doing something right.
    Happy Safe 4th of July


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  3. Wow, you have put in lots of work. Your garden looks great, good for you!!


  4. Your beets look so good! I planted my beet seeds 2 weeks ago, they’ve germinated and now I’m just wondering what they need…do you know if they require a lot of water?


    • Mine did. I know that once they began popping up I had to be sure to thin them too because when I miss one, I end of with beet slivers, rather than plump ones.


  5. I have some nasty bug myself, granted my crop is loads smaller than yours, it ate my young tomatoes plants and now it’s working on my mint : ( It’s a hungry little thing..
    Hope your garden continues to prosper!



    • Do you have any idea what bug it is? I’ve had slugs, cucumber beetles, Japanese beetles, and cabbage moths in the past and have been fairly successful in getting rid of them.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I wish I did, all I know is it eats them (mint, tomatoes, a little sage, but not my strawberries or garlic) quite quickly and I haven’t seen hide nor hair of it…



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